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Move Day Coordination, Wellington Home Organizers

Handling all the hassle that comes with moving will take more than one person. Packing, decluttering, tossing, sorting out, and much more. Since all of this can take a lot of time and usually, you don’t have all the will and what it takes to make good decisions about what you will keep or not, the best thing to do is to hire professionals who can support you throughout the process. At Wellington Home Organizers, we are always making sure to consider your needs, work on the move day coordination, and take care of every step throughout the process so that you don’t have to worry about any details.

The way we work around this is by considering the number of items you have and how we have to help you coordinate how they are packed, labeled, sorted out, and ensure that everything during the day goes well.

Unlike popular belief, move-day coordination isn’t simply about the day at hand. We need to start days prior so that we know everything involved in this process:

  • Your items and boxes.
  • The way you want to organize the packages.
  • What you are moving with you.
  • The items that will be tossed or donated will be handled by our team.
  • We have to contact the companies and make sure everything will be organized for the specific day.
  • Your budget for this project matters, so we do consider it during the process.
  • Make sure we are taking the essentials with you so that you aren’t missing anything during the move.
  • Other elements and steps or considerations will be added as we see and check your situation and how we can help you through the whole process so that every part of the move day is done.

Will Move Day Coordination Make a Difference?

Absolutely. The main mistake most people make whenever they are going through this entire process is not working on a well-established schedule.

As a result, things get quite messy; there are a lot of missing steps and even items that get mixed while you are simply trying to move them to the new location.

Having proper coordination will set apart the way you can handle the procedure so that you can take care of the essentials:

  • Having all your items packed, loaded, and taken to the new property.
  • Make sure disposal and donations are handled carefully.
  • Declutter the entire property and ensure you are not leaving waste or something important behind.
  • Handle expenses and ensure you can leave the place on time to reach the new destination or location.

The point of hiring professionals for it is in order to save yourself time and make this process stress-free. In other words, to make the process easy and ensure you don’t have to worry about how you are handling it or how overwhelming it can feel and be in many situations.

While some people have no problems handling this entire process on their own, others feel like it is too much or that things are getting out of hand easily. As a result, they always rely on professionals who can bring a different perspective, clean order, and functionality and ensure that your moving is going smoothly to the point of not missing anything you have.

Feel free to come to us in case you want support and assistance either before, during, or after the move day so that we can give you proper insight into what we do and how we will do it to guarantee a clean result.

How Much Does Move Day Coordination Cost?

The service is mostly based on an hourly rate and how long the entire process will take or how much we invest in it. However, this can be changed for a fixed price depending on the amount of work involved.

At Wellington Home Organizers, we like working around both options since hourly rates can get quite high and expensive, but fixed prices don’t cover all elements in certain situations. This is why we encourage you to address the entire process with us and have our team work around an inspection and review the way the move day must be coordinated. This way, you will be happy with the planning plus the price itself.

Feel free to call, email us, or use our contact form to get all the information you want and schedule a consultation or estimate for free. Averages vary and go from $40 to $72 per hour, but fixed prices are more variable than this.

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