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Executive Relocation, Wellington Home Organizers

Taking care of all your executive relocation tasks and steps will require some professionals who can not only simplify the process but also make it stress-free. Otherwise, you will struggle with how the items should be packed, the purging process, reaching out to moving companies, handling expenses while controlling them, and simply working on all steps and elements involving this process. Our company has been working with all individuals and other corporations and businesses for over 20 years, and if there is something we can tell you is that you do want support for this.

Wellington Home Organizers team will take care of every step, work with you on how you can declutter your home or space, get packing done, and ensure you can relax and have the whole process handled in a way that can alleviate your worries and simply provide a good organization and packing result.

But how much do we do through this all, and is it even worth considering professionals for it? The “what we do” question can only be answered when we know about your needs. In executive relocation, a lot is included:

  • Inventory.
  • Inspecting the entire property.
  • Sorting out and categorizing items.
  • Preparing some for donations and disposal.
  • Dealing with clutter.
  • Making sure things are clean.
  • Contacting companies and services to take the boxes and other belongings, such as vehicles.
  • Preparing the new space or property for all the items.
  • Maintain things organized even before the packing and during it so that you can avoid clutter and messiness in the new location.
  • And much more.

We like customizing our services and working around proper needs instead of general solutions and services. Nevertheless, this also means you can have some steps taken and limit support.

How Do You Know How Much You Need Our Executive Relocation?

Something most people seem to forget whenever they are considering our professionals is what we mentioned last: you can have more limited support and steps depending on how you want to address the service and process.

In other words, there is no need to hire us for the “full service” as this will highly depend on your needs and what you must get done. Some people want us to literally handle every step and part of it, so there is no need to worry or stress over the process.

However, others prefer to consider having our team handle certain steps, such as decluttering, purging, packing, and simply moving all boxes to the new location. This is doable and absolutely fine since it is about you, not us.

You will need our executive relocation when you usually feel overwhelmed, don’t have time, or want to be stress-free during the process, but also customize it properly when you are tight in budget and how much you can afford this process.

In most cases, relocations are financed by the company or the executives asking you to go to a new place since they are aware of the expenses all this process entails. However some of them cover specific expenses, but not all of them.

Our company cares about this, and we do our best to work around your comfort, what we can do or not, and ensure you don’t have to spend a fortune throughout the process. Feel free to call, email us, or use our contact form to inquire about these details and even when it may be a single step or part of the relocation handled by our team.

Is Executive Relocation Time-Consuming?

And demanding too. In case you have a small property, things can be a bit less messy and difficult, but this doesn’t mean it won’t take time. What makes it difficult is making decisions about what you will keep or not, working on all areas, trying to review the items you have, deciding what to toss or not, and so on. Hence, you can expect to spend at least a week in the entire process unless there is some serious request to speed it up.

We recommend getting started as soon as you can and always ask for some extra days. In case it isn’t possible, you can have our Wellington Home Organizers team handle all steps and work with you on what’s left to do and what will be left behind when you have to get there first and still have lots of items or elements to take care of.

Our organizers and professionals won’t mind taking care of everything.

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