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Event Coordination, Wellington Home Organizers

Taking care of all elements and tasks that go into organizing an event will always be time-consuming. There are going to be many people who will try to tell you the opposite and sell you the idea that events aren’t that difficult, especially if their scale is not that large and it is only for a few people. However, things get out of hand easily when you are trying to coordinate everything and make decisions around what you will use, the goals of the event, its schedule, what you will do, and more. As a result, the whole event coordination is a challenge that needs to be addressed carefully to ensure it isn’t a waste of time.

Our Wellington Home Organizers team helps you get the most out of your time and investment. We will work carefully on all elements with you and consider your needs, the type of event, what you want or don’t want, and focus on the budget you may have established for it. Additionally, we create a schedule that will include everything in the event, and it can be shared with guests or only so that you have it and understand what you will get during this project.

Now, event coordination will vary depending on what you want to get from it, the total approach, and changes along the way. We encourage you to sit with our professionals and think about a few questions:

  • Whom are you organizing the event for?
  • Is it a business or a work-related one?
  • In case it is personal and for celebratory purposes, who are you trying or thinking to invite?
  • Is there a budget established? If so, are you aware it will set some limits?
  • What are your main goals with this event?

How Our Professionals Work with Event Coordination

We need to know about you, thus why the previous questions are so important and must be addressed carefully.

Moreover, they are not the only ones we want to ask, as it all depends on the event at hand and how you need us to work on it with you. Therefore, take the time to discuss it with our coordinators and organizers, express your goals and expectations, let us know the type of event you are planning, and allow us to work on preferences while thinking about all attendees and guests.

The way we like to plan events and coordinate all of them is by setting a plan right before we even start. Unlike other companies, this doesn’t include the venue, catering, and usual logistics only. We need to create a schedule with the activities of the event, give you enough time to perform some of them, and make sure you find comfort in how all this is handled.

Setting goals is crucial at every stage as it helps us set apart what must be done and what we absolutely expect to gain from this and ensure that the entire purpose is fulfilled. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and resources.

Take the time to go over some common and needed steps with our professionals when deciding to work with us:

  • Discuss your preferences in design and décor.
  • Let us know what activities and performances should be included.
  • The guest list or number of guests will be crucial from day one.
  • Work with us on addressing the needs and how we need to handle catering for you.
  • Give us any details on requirements, and feel free to share additional elements even after we have started.

How Much Does Event Coordination Cost?

Prices or rates will vary depending on whom you are hiring, the amount of work, the time it takes, and all the problems being addressed. Moreover, event coordination can be customized since some people don’t need our entire help but only a few steps and parts of the process.

At Wellington Home Organizers, we truly like working with hourly rates but also fixed prices. The latter ones are quite difficult to offer due to all the variables in events, but when it comes to hourly rates, we do our best to keep them simple and within budget.

Rates go from $40 to $75 per hour while having our coordinators and organizers help. This can be reduced or lowered depending on the circumstances and how you want us to work on this.

Feel free to have our team provide a free inspection and estimate in case you want some insight before you decide to work with us.

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However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.