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Full House Decluttering, Wellington Home Organizers

Most people would believe that throwing away or tossing items from home is easy, but it will take more willpower and proper decision-making to make it happen. Therefore, don’t take this task lightly since two things could happen. First, you will throw away some important items by accident while trying to figure out what you want to keep. And second, you may be doing the wrong sorting and categorizing your items and how they must be handled. In some cases, both things can happen. At Wellington Home Organizers, we are convinced that our full house decluttering service can help you with every part of this process and relieve stress from the process.

We will ensure that this decluttering addresses all parts you need, including sorting out, splitting things or items into piles, making sure things are packed correctly, being careful with the items and belongings, making decisions on what is donated, and much more. Our team will make sure that the whole decluttering is addressed carefully so that you don’t have to worry too much about what you are leaving or not.

One thing that matters the most in all this is how you need to address decluttering based on your belongings, the space, and what you care about. Most people think it is a way to throw everything away, but this is inefficient. Moreover, you have to make sure you are categorizing things properly so that the right services and companies pick them up, considering where they are going to be thrown or left.

For instance, we have to make sure donations are going to the right charities and organizations, work on the proper disposal of some materials, and so on.

Our Full House Decluttering Step by Step

Well, if there is something you will realize is that decluttering is known for being a well-established process.

What does this mean? People know and think about everything based on how they simply need to review items, categorize them and then throw everything away while keeping the rest.

Unfortunately, things are not that simple, and all full house decluttering should be customized and tailored depending on the house’s size and the items you have in it or any extra requirements and needs you to have around this.

Our company likes setting some steps and making sure there is a good picture of how the project and process will go. Still, steps or requirements can be added as we see fit in order to speed up decluttering and make sure we are addressing the main problems while trying to empty the house:

  1. All waste should be removed. Always start with what you can easily see or find and start removing the trash and junk you have. This will make things easier as we can immediately set apart what is waste and what requires our attention while decluttering.
  2. Small areas are often the recommended spaces to start with, but if you know you have lots of large ones that require attention, you may want to start with the most cluttered ones to save time and take the required hours with them as you and our team see fit.
  3. Make sure you create piles with donations, selling, keeping, or tossing away purposes so that you can continuously organize everything.
  4. Once everything is sorted out, keep what you will take with you aside and let the rest be handled. Our team will facilitate sales, disposal, and donations.
  5. Plan the way we will be handling boxes and removing them.

Is It Worth Working with Professionals for Full House Decluttering?

Absolutely. You get to save lots of time on how you get the process done, and you have a more objective perspective while working with our professional organizers. At Wellington Home Organizers, we take the whole process and project seriously and make sure that, besides getting it done in no time, we know and understand you will be getting the most out of the items you are deciding to keep.

Our team will be there for any property’s size and work on all the decluttering, organize disposal and removals, help with donations, and make sure you can get some sales from the items you have in boxes or stored away, yet they have a specific value.

Feel free to call, email us, or use our contact form to reach out and ask all questions to our team.

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